World Class Wonders cruising with Indochina Sails Cruise

7 06 2008

Set sail on oceans blue and take in the majestic sights of UNESCO World Heritage Site and World Wonder entrant Ha Long Bay with a little luxury form Indochina Sails.



It will be a big mistake if you’ve ever been in Việt Nam without cuising around Hạ Long Bay – one of the five UNESCO-declared World Heritage sites in the country. And it will be more than a big surprise for you to cruise in some days to seize as the truly fishmen. Follow the Indochina Sails, we enjoyed a trip like that in a very different cruise itinerary.


We departed from the capital for Hạ Long Bay approximately three hours away. En route we had a short stop at the Chân-Thiện-Mỹ center run for and by handicapped children. And the journey upon the surface of the sea started with a welcome from cruise staff at Hạ Long pier and boarding Indochina Sails for departure around majestic Hạ Long Bay accompanied by a delicious lunch.


The second day was a really joyful time. We greeted the day with a optional morning Tai Chi class on the open-air sundeck. With its comfortable lounge chairs, fresh breeze and dazzling views, the sundeck was a delightful place to socialize and watch the sun.

Arrive by boat at Ngọc Vừng island after the breakfast, we took the chance to go along the beach by take light bicycle trip through untouched forests and active wildlife.


In the afternoon, it was another wonderful experience by an exciting activity: kayaking. The kayaks were lightweight and easy to use. All participants were issued with water buoyancy vests. The junk was near us at all times serving as a back up vessel for those that require it.


There were so many activities to do in the evening. You can choose from optional evening activities: enjoy a classical movie night, relax with onboard beauty services, or join squid fishing with the crew. For us, most exciting work to do was following fishmen to catch squid on the sea. The key was to create something that would be highly visible, heavy enough to get deep should the current be strong, and have plenty of hooks to snag the squid once they latch onto the lure. It was really intersting and also required so much patience.


On the third day, all passengers had chance to visit the biggest grotto. In the centre of the bay, Sửng Sốt or Surprise Grotto on Bồ Hòn island, and is one of the finest and widest grottoes of Hạ Long Bay. Inside, it is partitioned into two chambers. The first one being similar to a wide theatre hall. Many stalactites hang from the high ceiling, with numerous possible forms and shapes. A narrow passage leads to the second rooms, where a flow of light meets visitors. The chamber is so immense it could contain thousands of people at one time.


At around midday we returned to the harbor before transferring to our awaiting vehicle for a journey back to Hà Nội, back to the daily routine but bring along with the unforgetable beauty of the sea and the charm of the mountains.

You can enjoy the same package three-day cruise with the price at US$540 per single superior cabin or US$590 per single deluxe cabin, including private boat to cruise to kayaking area and return to mother boat for the night, English speaking guide, kayak and equipments.

For more information, contact:

Indochina Sails,

At 27, A6, Đầm Trấu Quarter, Hai Bà Trưng Dist, Hà Nội. Tel: (84-4) 984 2362.

Or at 50Bis, Co Bac St, D1, HCM city. Tel: (84-8) 920 1790

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