Kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam kayaking travel review

14 07 2009

Ha Long Bay in Vietenam is a beautiful place for tourists bit equally unpredictable, as weather here can turn violent and dangerous any moment. Further tourists should take utmost care of their belongings as theft is a common incident in the region.

SO WE’VE been in Vietnam about four days and just got back from the Ha Long Bay boat tour. Stopping in a quality hostel called Hanoi Backpackers, which is where all the cool kids hang out. If anybody comes you gotta stay here.

The end of Laos was okay the capital Vientiane isn’t that great but we did Kayak there which was fun though we did still spend four hours on a tuk tuk, which aren’t the most comfy things to ride in. I’m down my first camera got, it got stolen from the bucket bar in Vang Vieng after I was trying to help some Canadian kid out of a spot of bother! You try and do a good thing hey! Reported it to the police who charged me for the report corrupt!

Also lost my sunglasses today so not the best of weeks for me losing things. Got a new camera now so that’s good. We got a flight to Hanoi from Laos with Lao airlines, which we found out after booking don’t have the safest reputation and it was the smallest plane I’ve ever been on but we got here okay. Better than a 26 hour bus journey anyway.

Ha Long Bay was loads of fun and absolutely stunning. As we booked the tour through the hostel the boat only had people on from our place so all young and up for a good time.

Halong Bay cruises

On route we all nearly got turned back due to a possible typhoon! Weather turned out stunning and the first day we went to some caves, which were okay and then did a bit of swimming before bed. We slept on the boat and I thought at stupid o’clock along with Sarah from Oz that it was perfect time for a twilight swim! After we jumped in virtually the rest of the boat joined I’ve never seen so many drunk people in the sea before.

Next day up at 7am, which really hurt and then went onto do some rock climbing. Was awesome pretty difficult and no one managed the fourth climb, which was a 6b if that means anything to anyone. Got some great pictures but as always struggling to upload. Surprisingly, I got injured (cut my big toe) on a rock in the sea which had to be bandaged up else I would have smashed the last climb. Second night we stopped on the isalnd of Cat Ba.

Back here now and staying until Sunday few people we met in Loa are coming over Saturday to celebrate me officially entering my mid twenties, should be fun!

We recommend some itineraries for reference at http://www.activetravelvietnam.com/tour.php?op=listByCategoryId&catId=3
Source: http://www.kayakhalongbay.com

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