Sin Ho’s wild beauty, Lai Chau, Vietnam

17 07 2009

Many visitors go to Sin Ho to see its wild and romantic beauty and enjoy the sensation of feeling small in the face of the awesomeness of nature.

If visitors go to Sin Ho during the time of its only rice crop in the year, they will witness the special daily life of the locals in an area covered by clouds all the year round.

The Sin Ho plateau is around 60 km from Lai Chau town. The road to Sin Ho is very difficult to travel and sloping, and thus attracts adventurous people.

In mid July, Sin Ho is very cold and foggy. In the fog of Sin Ho, visitors will see ethnic minority people in their unique traditional costumes selling fruit and food on the road or in small mountainous markets.

Some images of Sin Ho plateau through the lens of a Dat Viet reporter.

The ‘market’ on Chan Nua Hill.


On the road to Sin Ho.

The imposing scenery of Sin Ho.

A peaceful rice field in Sin Ho.

A buffalo boy.

Ethnic minority women in Sin Ho.

VietNamNet/Dat Viet

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