The World Heritage of Best Vacation – Halong Bay Vietnam

4 01 2011

Halong Bay to attract approximately 90% of visitors who are connected to Vietnam. This handsome bay four-sided figures covering 1500 km in the placement of the Gulf of Tonkin Gulf in the South China Sea. Although a small part of the sea, the water is calm and strange emerald. It is almost 2000 islands. Fleet magical land along the Gulf of dolomite lime, and many grottos and caves that are designated for visitors to enter the fun

Welcome for visiting Guilin (China) and Phuket (Thailand) is often different sites through Halong bay looks like a plus because of geographical settings. However, on visiting Vietnam to guess, all have the same opinion of Halong bay is much broader and more diverse.

This is so beautiful, after a period of very small minds, Halong Bay is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in December 1994. These are two of the four soil Heritage listed Vietnam. See a movie in 1991 and French Indochina was an explosion in Halong Bay.

The film is particularly well-liked was about the existence of a French woman living in Vietnam and French Indochina in the dominance of the mid-19th century until the mid-20th century. The important role played by Catherine Deneuve.

As the film makes the roads around the ground, not only French-speaking tourists began to create a trip to Halong Bay, except for land at the time, including a spectacular ocean view on the journey.

Before he went so well liked, it is very difficult to get from Hanoi to Halong bay, 170 km. In 1995, it took no less than six hours of heavy two-boat crossing the river, because it is not easy to come in and absent from the bus. Furthermore still, despite these problems, visitors are not including Halong Bay as a small part of their journey.

Recommendation in Halong bay,Vietnam: Indochina Sails




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